Dear Parents,

Welcome to Studio’s 31st Annual Recital! Since 1992 Studio has been creating outstanding recitals for our community to enjoy, and this year will be no exception. We are thrilled to be back on stage celebrating our students and all their accomplishments.

In order for our production come together with excellence and ease, we have created this web page to provide information that you will need, as well as what to expect from us and what is expected of you over the next few months.

If you have ever been involved in a production of any kind, you know that there are an incredible number of things that must come together before it gets in front of an audience. Your child’s commitment to attending classes and rehearsals on time and prepared will be vital to the success of our shows.  Please keep this recital link handy so you can refer to it throughout the next few months.

On behalf of the faculty of Studio I would like to thank the students for their hard work and dedication and to the parents for providing the opportunity for your child to experience the most wonderful gift in the world… DANCE!

Here’s to three great recitals!

Caroline McLaughlin

Studio Artistic Director

Please read all information!

Important information on . . .

  • Ticket sales
  • Which recital is my child in?
  • Performance Hair and Makeup
  • Costumes
  • Proper attire (shoes, tights, etc.)
  • Dress Rehearsal
  • Recitals
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Recital & Rehearsal Dates

All students are involved in recital and dress rehearsal


Where: Sanderson Centre for the Performing Arts

Friday June 9th – Evening Show
Dancers to be signed in at 5:15 pm
Show begins at 6:00 pm

Saturday June 10th – Matinée
Dancers to be signed in at 12:15 pm
Show begins at 1:00 pm

Saturday June 10th – Evening Show
Dancers to be signed in at 5:15 pm
Show begins at 6:00 pm

Dress Rehearsal

When: Thursday June 1st, 2023

Where:  Sanderson Centre for the Performing Arts

Time:  Rehearsal begins at 3:30 pmClick Here for the schedule of drop-off and pick-up times. 

Dress rehearsal is a very important part of a successful on stage experience!  Here are a few reasons why it is mandatory that every dancer is present for Rehearsal: 

  • Rehearsing routines in front of an empty audience is an incredibly helpful strategy to reduce children’s nerves before the performance, especially if it is their first time dancing on stage. Having a “practice run” without spectators will increase your child’s confidence for the big event!
  • A Dress Rehearsal gives the dancers a chance to experience the lights and special effects at the theatre, and work out any kinks that may come with an on stage performance. 
  • Performing the routine on stage will feel different than rehearsing in the studio. Dress Rehearsal is a chance to practice spacing and patterns on the large stage, so it is crucial all members of the performance are present.

Please be sure your dancer arrives on time in full hair and makeup, already dressed in their first costume.

Dancers will enter the building through the Darling Street entrance with 1 parent to sign in. There are no spectators in the auditorium for Dress Rehearsal (the studio administration staff will have all parent contact info on hand should it be needed).

There are volunteers and staff members assigned to help younger dancers with any costume and hair changes.

At the end of your child’s rehearsal session, dancers will be dismissed from the auditorium and escorted back to the dressing room with volunteers and staff, where their parent will need to sign them out for pick-up.

Dancers age 13 & up may sign themselves in and out.

You are welcome to send a few nut-free snacks with your dancer. No food in the auditorium, snacks can be eaten in the dressing room area. 

Ticket Sales

Ticket sales begin Saturday May 13th @ 12 PM

Tickets are sold through the Sanderson Centre Box Office

Cost: $15.00 per ticket (6 tickets limit per family on the first day of ticket sales)

Purchase Online:

Alternatively tickets can be purchased by calling the Sanderson Centre at 519-758-8090, or in-person at the box office.

*Please note, there is a service fee for online and phone orders.

Box Office hours are 12:00pm – 5:00pm

Does my dancer need a ticket to the recital?

If your child would like to watch any portion of the show in the audience, you will need to purchase them their own ticket. 

Dancers who do not have a ticket to watch the show can wait in the Rehearsal Hall with our teachers and volunteers. The show will be broadcast on a TV monitor in the Rehearsal Hall, and we supply coloring pages and other small activities to keep little ones occupied while waiting for their turn to perform.

Dancers who have a ticket to sit in the audience are to report backstage 5 numbers before they are scheduled to perform.

Reminder that seats for friends, family and loved ones are at a premium. Tickets sell quickly, so we strongly recommend making your purchase as early as possible. 


On the first day of ticket sales, each family may purchase a maximum of six (6) tickets. This includes the ticket for your dancer if you will be purchasing one. The limit is enforced to ensure that all families are given equal opportunity to purchase tickets for their child’s show. After the first day of ticket sales, there will be no further limits enforced.

Which Recital will my child be performing in?

Routines are listed by your child’s weekly class, day, time and teacher – PLEASE LOOK CAREFULLY

Friday June 9th
Evening Recital

  1. Time For Tea (Acro 2 – Wed 6 pm – Miss Jenna)
  2. Be Our Guest (Musical Theatre – Mon 7:15 pm – Mrs Melissa)
  3. Sugarpie Honeybunch (Little Leapers – Wed 4:45 pm – Miss Michaela)
  4. Passionfruit (Teen Hip Hop 1 – Thurs 7 pm – Miss Neliah)
  5. This Will Be (Comp Solo – Sophia S)
  6. I Hope You Dance (Comp Solo – Sophia H)
  7. Gummy Bear (Pre Jazz – Fri 4:45 pm – Miss Quinn)
  8. Lips Are Movin’ (Comp Solo – Jenna)
  9. I’m The Greatest Star (Comp Solo – Maggie Jo)
  10. Butter (Pre Teen Hip Hop 1 – Fri 5 pm – Miss Neliah)
  11. Chocolate Bananas (Acro 1 – Tues 6:30 pm – Miss Amanda)
  12. Levitating (Comp Solo – Jaden)
  13. Peaches (Pre Hip Hop – Thurs 5:15 pm – Miss Neliah)
  14. My Boy Lollipop (Kinder Leapers – Tues 5 pm – Miss Amanda)
  15. Do The Pretzel (Pre Acro – Fri 5:30 pm – Miss Quinn)
  16. Almost There (Comp Solo – Elsa)
  17. Glamorous (Comp Solo – Bella)
  18. Rootbeer Rag (Adult Tap – Mon 7:30 pm – Mrs Caroline)
  19. Sweet Dreams (Aerial Hoop – Wed 7 pm – Miss Jenna)
  20. Black & Gold (Comp Solo – Keira)
  21. Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows (Acro 1 – Fri 7:15 pm – Miss Quinn)
  22. Pineapple Princess (Pre Acro – Tues 4:45 pm – Miss Alysha)
  23. Spoonful of Sugar (Pre Ballet – Tues 5:45 pm – Miss Michaela)
  24. I Want Candy (Acro 1 – Mon 7:15 pm – Miss Quinn)
  25. Rainbow Connection (Junior Company Lyrical Group)
  26. Open Arms (Comp Solo – Quinn)
  27. Anyone Can Cook (Ballet 1 – Fri 6 pm – Mrs Rebecca)
  28. Pizza, Pizza, Pizza (Pre Tap – Tues 5:45 pm – Mrs Rebecca)
  29. Scars (Comp Solo – Payton)
  30. I Drink Wine (Adult Lyrical – Tues 8:30 pm – Miss Amanda)
  31. Rumour Has It (Comp Solo – Maddie)
  32. Newsies (Pre Junior Company Ballet Group)
  33. Ladies’ Choice (Inter/Senior Company Tap Group)

Saturday June 10th
Afternoon Recital

  1. Hype (Junior Company Hip Hop Group)
  2. Sucker (Pre Acro – Sat 9:45 am – Miss Maddie)
  3. Hot Chocolate (Acro 1 – Sat 10:30 am – Miss Maddie)
  4. The Candyman (Tap 2 – Mon 5 pm – Mrs Caroline)
  5. Strut (Comp Duet – Bella & Keira)
  6. Ice Cream Freeze (Little Leapers – Sat 9:30 am – Miss Quinn)
  7. Kid In A Candy Store (Pre Teen Hip Hop 1 – Thurs 6:15 pm – Miss Michaela)
  8. Hot Poppin’ Popcorn (Kinder Leapers – Sat 12:00 pm – Miss Michaela)
  9. These Boots Are Made For Walkin’ (Comp Solo – Saige)
  10. Make It Look Easy (Comp Solo – Olivia)
  11. Marshmallow World (Pre Ballet – Sat 11:15 am – Miss Michaela)
  12. Build Me Up Buttercup (Acro 1 – Fri 5 pm – Miss Maddie)
  13. Once Upon A Dream (Comp Duet – Sophia & Paige)
  14. A Wonderful World (Comp Solo – Emma)
  15. Chicken Tendies (Pre Teen Lyrical – Fri 7 pm – Miss Neliah)
  16. Coconut (Adult Pointe – Wed 8:45 pm – Mrs Sherri)
  17. What Dreams Are Made Of  (Comp Solo – Isabelle)
  18. Pure Water (Comp Solo – Maddie)
  19. Eleanor Rigby (Contemporary Ballet C0mp Group)


  20. Popcorn (Aerial Hoop – Sat 11:30 am – Miss Jenna)
  21. Everything All At Once (Comp Solo – Quinn)
  22. Lunch Will Keep Us Together (Musical Theatre – Wed 5 pm – Miss Amanda)
  23. Peanut Butter Jelly Time (Little Leapers – Sat 10:15 am – Miss Quinn)
  24. Peppermint Twist (Kinder Leapers – Sat 11 am – Miss Quinn)
  25. Marzipan (Pre Ballet – Wed 5:45 pm – Miss Amanda)
  26. Les Poissons (Comp Solo – Hadley)
  27. The Best Is Yet To Come (Comp Solo – Maggie Jo)
  28. Falling Up (Comp Solo – Riley)
  29. Eye Candy (Acro 1 Advanced – Tues 7:30 pm – Miss Alysha)
  30. Cake By The Ocean (Jazz 2 – Mon 6 pm – Miss Quinn)
  31. Pump Up The Jam (Pre Teen Hip Hop 1 – Sat 10:15 am – Miss Michaela)
  32. Candy Cane Lane (Ballet 1 – Wed 6:45 pm – Mrs Sherri)
  33. Gravy Train (Jazz 1 – Wed 7:15 pm – Miss Amanda)
  34. Ice Ice Baby (Pre Teen Hip Hop 1 – Thurs 7:15 pm – Miss Michaela)
  35. Cold Water (Pre Teen Hip Hop 2 – Fri 6 pm – Miss Neliah)
  36. American Pie (Ballet 2 / 3 – Tues 7:45 pm – Mrs Sherri)
  37. Red Red Wine (Adult Ballet – Wed 7:45 pm – Mrs Sherri)
  38. Jailhouse Rock (Junior Company Tap Group)
  39. Rescue (Intermediate/Senior Company Lyrical Group)

Saturday June 10th
Evening Recital

  1. Banana Split For My Baby (Mini Company Tap Group)
  2. Raspberry Beret (Teen Acro – Wed 8 pm – Miss Jenna)
  3. Candy Hearts (Jazz 1 – Thurs 6 pm – Miss Quinn)
  4. Bake A Cake (Little Leapers – Thurs 4:30 pm – Miss Quinn)
  5. Coffee In A Cardboard Cup (Musical Theatre – Tues 5:45 pm – Miss Amanda)
  6. Healthy Food Will Make You Smile (Pre Jazz – Mon 6:30 pm – Mrs Melissa)
  7. Sweet Escape (Teen Jazz – Tues 7:30 pm – Miss Amanda)
  8. Saturday Night Fish Fry (Tap 3 – Mon 6 pm – Miss Jenna)
  9. Song Of The Heart (Comp Solo – Sophia H)
  10. All I Want (Comp Solo – Bella)
  11. Amis Pour Toujours (Comp Duet – Maggie Jo & Gabriela)
  12. Lollipop (Acro 1 Advanced – Wed 5:30 pm – Miss Morgan)
  13. Mango Tree (Comp Duet – Riley & Saige)
  14. I Want To Break Free (Comp Solo – Jaden)
  15. I Was Here (Comp Solo – Quinn)
  16. Lunch Squad (Pre Hip Hop – Wed 6:30 pm – Miss Amanda)
  17. Tutti Fruitti (Jazz 1 – Thurs 6 pm – Miss Neliah)
  18. Bye Bye Blackbird (Comp Solo – Paige)
  19. Taking Care Of Business (Inter/Senior Company Jazz Group)


  20. Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy (Aerial Hoop – Thurs 6:45 pm – Miss Jenna)
  21. Feeling Good (Comp Solo – Emma)
  22. Watermelon Sugar (Acro 1 Advanced – Mon 5 pm – Miss Quinn)
  23. Cinnamon (Teen Lyrical – Thurs 7 pm – Miss Quinn)
  24. Life Is A Highway (Pre Junior Company Tap Group)
  25. Ice Cream (Kinder Leapers – Thurs 5:15 pm – Miss Quinn)
  26. Sugar Sugar (Tap 1 – Tues 4:45 pm Miss Michaela)
  27. Banana (Pre Teen Hip Hop 2 – Wed 8 pm – Alysha)
  28. Candyman (Acro 3 – Thurs 5:45 pm – Miss Jenna)
  29. Panini (Pre Teen Hip Hop 1 – Wed 6:15 pm – Miss Michaela)
  30. Heigh Ho (Mini Company Jazz Group)
  31. Stir Fry (Teen Hip Hop 2 – Thurs 8 pm – Miss Neliah)
  32. Pina Colada (Adult Ballet – Tues 8:45 pm – Mrs Sherri)
  33. Think (Pre Junior Company Jazz Group)
  34. This Is Conga  (Junior Company Jazz Group)
  35. Money (Intermediate/Senior Company Hip Hop Group)

Picture Day

Picture Days will be held at the studio on the following dates…

Comp Team – Saturday May 6th (3 pm start)

Recreational classes – Sunday May 7th (10 am start)

See the link below for specific photo times:

Dancers are to wear their full recital attire, including costume, performance tights, and performance hairstyles.  Makeup for Picture Day is optional. 


When involved in an on-stage performance, dancers wear makeup as part of their performance attire.  Stage lights make dancers look very washed out, therefore makeup is used to accentuate their features.


The following is a list of uniform stage makeup.  

  • A base coat of foundation and face powder will ensure the makeup will not wear off too quickly. 
  • Red lipstick, brown eye shadow, brown blush, and black mascara.  We recognize it can be a challenge applying stage makeup for dancers under age 5. Please do your best and apply what you can. 
  • Stage makeup should be applied very dark. Please choose shades that are complementary to your child’s skin tone. 
  • Makeup is to be applied at home, not at the theatre.


Uniform performance hairstyles are as follows:

Acro, Jazz, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Musical Theatre, Tap classes – Low ponytail, middle part. 

All Ballet and Aerial Hoop classes – Low bun, middle part. 

Little Leapers & Kinder Leapers – High ponytail, curled.

  • Hair should be pulled back neatly and sprayed with hairspray/gel for a sleek look with no flyaway hairs. 
  • If your dancer’s hair is too short for a full ponytail, please be sure it is pulled away from face neatly using bobby pins and hairspray or gel. If hair is long enough, a half ponytail is a good option for dancer’s with short hair. 
  • Bangs should be pinned back to keep them from falling into the dancer’s face.
  • Boys, please neatly groom hair for the performance.
  • Competitive dancers should follow the hair requirements set out in their competitive package. NOTE: Please wear a regular low bun middle part for any routines that required a dutch braid bun. 
  • No jewellery or nail polish please.

NOTE: If the costume includes a hat, headband or any hair accessory, please ensure that it is secured tightly to the dancer’s head with bobby pins.


We spend many hours determining the correct costumes for each class.  They are always age appropriate and of the highest quality possible.  In an effort to ensure the costumes are delivered in time for studio photographs and an organized distribution to our students, costume orders have already been placed.  Costume manufacturers do not accept cancellations or offer refunds; therefore the studio does not refund costume payments.

Pick-Up Days

There will be two costume pick-up days held at the studio this April:

Saturday April 8th from 2:00 – 4:00 pm and Saturday April 22nd from 2:00 – 4:00 pm.

Please check your costume invoice (sent via email) to confirm which date(s) your costume(s) are to be picked up.  If you cannot attend either pick-up day, please send a friend or family member on your behalf.  

Costumes will only be distributed when accounts are paid in full. Please ensure your child’s costume(s) are paid in full before the due date on your costume invoice. 


Although rare, if alterations are needed, the student’s parent/guardian is responsible for the alterations.  Any alterations required are typically very small. For example, a strap needing tightened or pants needing hemmed. 

Costume Care

To ensure there are no costume problems, students should not wear their costumes, accessories or tights prior to Picture Day, Dress Rehearsal, or performance.

We recommend that your child’s name be placed in all costumes, shoes, accessories and tights.  If your child has multiple recital costumes, please place costumes in a garment bag with your child’s name on the outside.  

Proper Attire


Tights are an important part of our Dress Code at Studio Students are required to wear the following tights for the performance:

Ballet: Mondor ballerina pink full foot – style #316 colour #E6

Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop & Musical Theatre: Beige or skin tone full foot or convertible tights

Acro & Lyrical: Beige or skin tone stirrup, footless, or convertible tights

Aerial Hoop:  Saturday & Thursday classes – beige or skin tone stirrup, footless, or convertible tights. Wednesday class – black leggings. 

Little Leapers & Kinder Leapers: Beige or skin tone stirrup, footless, or convertible tights

Beige coloured tights are available to purchase at the studio.  All other tight colours are available at “Starburst Dancewear”, located at 1175 Wilson Street East, Ancaster.  Please purchase new tights for the recital, and do not wear them before the rehearsal or recital. 

Note: Having an extra pair of tights offers students and parents a great sense of security should one pair get a run or a spill on it.


Students are required to have the following shoes for their routines:


Ballet: Pink Ballet slippers 

Tap:    Beige Tap Shoes  (Tap 3 – black tap shoes)

Jazz:   Beige Gore Boots

Acro & Aerial Hoop:   Bare Feet

Hip Hop: Black Running Shoes

Musical Theatre: Beige Gore Boots

Lyrical: Turning shoe (half sole)

Little Leapers and Kinder Leapers: Bare Feet


Ballet: Black Ballet Shoes and Black Socks

Tap: Black Tap Shoes

Jazz: Black Gore Boot

Acro & Aerial Hoop: Bare Feet

Hip Hop: Black Running Shoes

Little Leapers and Kinder Leapers: Bare Feet

Recital Day

Friday June 9th  –  Sign in at 5:15 pm, show begins at 6 pm 

Saturday June 10th Afternoon  –  Sign in at 12:15 pm, show begins at 1 pm 

Saturday June 10th Evening  –  Sign in at 5:15 pm, show begins at 6 pm 

On Recital day, dancers are to arrive at the Sanderson Centre through the Darling Street entrance.  There will be a line to sign your dancer in before taking your seat in the auditorium.

Please be sure your child arrives already dressed in their costume. Parents must sign in their dancer in, then proceed directly to the auditorium.  If your child has more than one costume, you will be directed to the dressing room to place their belongings before taking your seat in the auditorium.


We run a very organized event and have  strict protocols that help us have a successful recital.

Family members or friends will not be permitted backstage or in the dressing room during Dress Rehearsal and Recital day.  The same applies during intermission and after the show.  There is a lot of backstage activity and the dressing rooms are a private area.

If you have purchased a ticket for your child and they will be watching the show in the audience, please notify us at sign in. Dancers are to remain seated in the audience to watch the show and report backstage 5 numbers before they are scheduled to perform. 1 family member ONLY is to accompany the dancer to the backstage sign in table.  

That same person must come back to pick up their child after their performance and return to the audience to enjoy the rest of the show. Dancers will not be released from the dressing room to anyone without permission from the parent or guardian.

All dancers are supervised by studio staff and volunteers.  The volunteers ensure each child in their care is safe and accounted for.  They are responsible for making sure each child is in their proper costume and brings them backstage at the appropriate time.  They are also responsible for seeing that the children return to the rehearsal hall after their performance.

Please remind your family and guests to be respectful of the backstage and change room areas.  Those who wish to greet a performer after the show may do so in the lobby area.

Rehearsal Hall

The rehearsal hall will be set up as both changeroom space as well as the “on deck” waiting area for the dancers while they are waiting to perform.

Upstairs Change Rooms

The change rooms located on the upper level of the Sanderson Centre is the designated change room for the competitive dancers and a few other selected classes.  Upon arrival, if your child has more than one costume, you will be directed to a changeroom where you can place your belongings.

Frequently asked questions

1. Why is Rehearsal so important?

Rehearsal is important for many reasons.  This is our chance to set lighting, sound, stage set-up etc.  Most importantly, it gives the dancers an opportunity to practice their routine on stage so that it doesn’t feel completely unfamiliar on show day. Dress Rehearsal is a vital part of the performance process. 

2. Can parents watch Dress Rehearsal?

No, there are no spectators allowed during rehearsal.  This limits distractions so the dancers are able to give us their full attention.  Dancers will be seated in the auditorium during rehearsal, which gives them an opportunity to observe the other routines.

3. Do I need a ticket for my dancer?

If your child would like to watch any portion of the show in the audience, you will need to purchase them their own ticket. The Sanderson Centre does not allow children to sit on laps. 

Dancers are not required to watch in the audience.  They can remain in the changeroom area with staff and volunteers for the duration of the show.  However, if they choose to watch the show, you must purchase them a ticket.

4. Will my child be supervised in the change room?

Absolutely! There will be supervision at all times. The recital is also simultaneously broadcast on a TV monitor in the rehearsal hall for the dancers to watch.  They will be “on deck” as the theatre saying goes, waiting for their turn to perform.

5. Can I videotape the show?

No. The use of any type of recording device in the auditorium is in violation of patent and copyright laws.  The theatre and Studio 5•6•7•8 can be at risk of copyright violation and fined a substantial fee.  A professional video production company has been hired to record the show.  We will email a link to all the families, to order a recital DVD if you choose.

6. Can I take pictures?

For the safety of the dancers no flash photography is allowed.  Pictures of your child on stage may be taken during the finale, presentations and at the end of the show.

7. How many tickets can I buy?

On the first day of ticket sales, each family may purchase a maximum of six ( 6 ) tickets. This is enforced to ensure that all families are given equal opportunity to purchase tickets for their child’s show. After the first day of ticket sales, there will be no further limits enforced. Tickets will go on sale at the Sanderson Centre on May 13th. Ticket prices are $15.00 for both adults and children.

Our shows have always run very smoothly.  It takes much planning and organization to put on an event like this.  If we all work together, we can have another successful and spectacular show!

Yours in Dance,

Caroline McLaughlin

Studio 5•6•7•8 Inc. Director