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We are pleased to share some comments that we have received from our dance students and their parents about their experiences with Studio 5•6•7•8

What can you say about Caroline and her staff at Studio 5678, one word comes to mind “AMAZING”.  Over the past 3 years my 2 daughters started out dancing 1 day a week to now starting the 2010-2011 year, they will be dancing 4 days/week each, they just can’t get enough. It goes without saying that Caroline and all her staff are great teachers of dance, but also teach self-esteem and dedication to all of the students young and old.

For all those parents wondering if dance is worth it, you rush home to make sure your kids make it to class or rush to an early morning competition. I can say this from the experience of dealing with both, there is no greater feeling than to see your child up on stage at a competition or at the year end recital with a smile from ear to ear doing something they love to do, it makes it all worth it.  Parents, if your kids are not part of the Studio 5678 dance family, join today.

The last thing I have to say is “THANK YOU” to Caroline and the staff of Studio 5678, keep up the great work.

Bill and Christy Flinders



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We have had the pleasure of experiencing a few local area studios over the past 12 years and can confidently say that the family atmosphere and technical training that the dancers receive at Studio 5678 is second to none! Caroline and her teachers just simply care….thankful to call the studio Home!
The Ladesic Family


My daughter (formerly 2 daughters) has been with Studio 5678 for most of her young life. She has grown from a preschooler to a teenager dancing with Caroline and her very skilled, pleasant staff. What an enriching experience its been over the years, both for my daughter, having made lifelong friendships and learning the fine art of various forms of dance, and myself, who has benefited so greatly from these same opportunities!

The rates are reasonable, the costumes affordable, but the aspect I find the most rewarding is the feeling of having such a big extended family to encourage and support each other’s kids! Its been a very positive experience for our family and one we will continue for as long as she chooses to dance!

Nancy Davis


My daughter has been dancing at Studio 5678 for over 13 years. As a parent, I can’t say enough about what an amazing experience it has been for her. Not only has she become a beautiful dancer, she has also learned teamwork, organization, dedication and responsibility all guided by the wonderful staff who take pride in teaching these young people about respecting yourself and others. Thank you Studio 5678!
Stacey Goodwin


Over the last nine years, Studio 5678 has become our daughter’s second home. We appreciate the kindness and caring that goes into every class and aspects of managing the studio. We have had the opportunity to meet families from other dance studios and we have found that none measure up to Studio 5678. Our director provides individual attention to each family’s needs, whether they are recreational or competitive. The studio is conscientious regarding costs for costumes and classes and they are always committed to the welfare of their students.We also appreciate the age-appropriate songs and costumes that are chosen for our children. This is very important to us and we are truly grateful that we can trust our studio to put our children first. I wouldn’t send my child to any other dance studio.

Debbie Burns


Our family has been with Studio 5678 for 7 yrs.  We truly couldn’t imagine spending our evenings anywhere else.  Caroline along with her staff run the studio like a fine oiled machine.  Our dancers have so much fun and have met so many friends. They look up to and respect the teaching staff.  Not only are they learning  dance steps but so much more.

The Feere-Doy family