Policies & Procedures

During class all students must:

  • wear the required attire (see below);
  • have hair tied back off the face;
  • not chew gum in class;
  • remove all dangling jewelry;
  • not be disruptive in class

At all times:

  • The Studio is not responsible for lost or stolen articles.
  • The Studio reserves the right to remove a student from class if he/she is conducting his/herself in an unruly manner.
  • Students are to arrive 5 minutes prior to class time, and leave 5 minutes after class ends.
  • Studio 5•6•7•8 will not be responsible for any child dropped off at the Studio prior to the 5 minutes allotted (see above).
  • If there are two NSF’s in a row, the remainder of the year must be paid in full.
  • Students are placed in classes according to ability, not age. A student may progress to another level at the discretion of the Director and the Teacher.
  • A cancellation fee of 1 month payment will apply if a student withdraws after January 1st.
  • Costume payments must be paid in full if a student withdraws after January 1st
  • A $15 Registration Fee is required at the time of registration
  • Students/parents are not permitted to video or photograph classes, students or staff at anytime, unless given permission by the staff or individuals involved.
  • Photos of children should not be posted on social media platforms without the permission of the parent/guardian.
  • Annual recital, performance and/or competition videos are not to be posted on Social Media or public websites such as YouTube or Facebook, without the permission of Studio Inc.

  • Photography and filming of the Annual Recital is strictly prohibited.



all students must wear a bodysuit any color with Suntan colored tights. Black bodysuit and Pink tights must be worn for Ballet. Bike shorts and Jazz pants are allowed. No bellies showing…. As a general rule the top must meet the bottom and the bottom must meet the top. For Hip Hop, sweatpants or leggings and a T-Shirt.

• Hair must be tied back off face. Bun for Ballet.
• No T-shirts or jewelry.
• Boys: White T-shirt and black or navy colored shorts.

Dancers will not be permitted into a class without the appropriate attire and footwear.



Tap: Beige tap shoes
Ballet: Pink Ballet Slippers
Jazz: Beige Gore Boots
Acro: Bare Feet
Hip Hop: Running shoes with clean soles. Sweat pants or leggings and a t-shirt
Intro to Dance/Pre Dance: Gym Slippers
Lyrical: Foot Undie or Turning Shoe

Re-Sale Bin


We offer a re-sale bin for gently used shoes. We will accept new or very gently-used dance shoes to sell for the duration of one dance season (we have the right to refuse any items).  Items are placed in the bin at your own risk.

Please be sure your items are clean and placed in a zip-lock bag with your name and price clearly labeled.

If someone purchases your item, we will notify you to pick up your payment ( cash only ).