Payment Method

  • Pre-Authorized monthly withdrawal from bank account ( void cheque is required )
  • Payments will be processed on the first of each month, beginning in September however, individual bank processing times may vary
  • The studio must be notified in writing if you would like to choose a 3-Pay or Yearly payment plan for your tuition. Monthly payments are the default payment plan.
  • Payments are processed regardless of weekday (ie: Saturday, Sunday, Holidays), individual bank policies will determine whether transactions are completed
  • $25.00 registration fee is required at registration
  • If a student withdraws, the studio must be notified in writing before the first of the month. No refunds.
  • A cancellation fee of one monthly payment must be paid after January 1st
  • Costume payments must be paid in full if a student withdraws after January 1st
  • Late payments are subject to an interest charge of 4% per month calculated daily.
  • There is a $30.00 charge for failed transactions. If there are two failed transactions in a row, the remainder of the year must be paid in full in cash. 
  • All outstanding tuition MUST be paid within one week or services will not continue.
  • All outstanding accounts MUST be paid in full prior to the next year’s registration.
  • NO REFUNDS, in Studio credit only. All credits remain with the Studio, have no cash value and are non-transferable.
  • Family discounts – $10 less per month per household.