Policies & Procedures

General Policies

During class all students must:
– Follow Studio Inc. dress code
– Have hair tied back off face
– Not chew gum in class
– Remove all dangling jewelry
– Not be disruptive in class

• The studio is not responsible for lost or stolen articles
• The studio reserves the right to remove a student from class if they are conducting themselves in an unruly manner.
• Students are to arrive 5 minutes prior to class start time, and leave 5 minutes after class ends.
• Studio Inc. will not be responsible for any student dropped off at the studio prior to the 5 minutes allotted (see above).
• Students are placed in class according to ability. A student may progress to another level at the discretion of the director and the teacher.
• Teachers listed on the Parent Portal are subject to change.
• The studio is closed on all statutory holidays/weekends.
• To ensure classes run on time, appointments can be booked to speak with the teacher if you have a particular concern.


Private Lesson Policies

Private lessons are a convenient way for a student to develop a specific skill, make up for missed class time, and get specific feedback, training and technique work in a one-on-one class setting.

  • All private lessons must be booked through the office, not the teacher.
  • All private lessons must be paid in full at the time of booking.  All payments must be made through the office, not the teacher.
  • ½ hour lesson – $30.00   |   ¾ hour lesson – $45.00   |
    1 hour lesson – $60.00
  • Cash, Bank Draft or Cheque made out to Studio Inc.
  • Private lesson fees are non-refundable.
  • If you know in advance you will miss a lesson, it’s the students responsibility to notify us at 519-752-6678 or by e-mail at dance@studio5678.com 24 hours prior to the scheduled lesson. This is to ensure the teacher can adjust her schedule or use the timeslot for another student.
  • If the student does not show up after 15 minutes from the scheduled start time, without any notice, the lesson will be cancelled automatically and will not be made up and no refund will be given.
  • Lessons cancelled by the teacher will be made up at a mutually convenient time for both.
  • Lessons cancelled by the student/parent will not be made up or rescheduled.
  • Lessons cannot be shared or credited to another student, regardless of if children are in the same family. 
  • There is a $30.00 charge for failed transactions.
  • The studio will contact you with several options of days and times for the lessons. Once you approve the times, the lessons must be paid for.

Payment Policies

• Pre-Authorized withdrawal from bank account is the default payment method.
• Payments will be processed on the first of each month beginning in September, however, individual bank processing times may vary.
• The studio must be notified in writing if you would like to choose a 3-Pay or Yearly payment plan for your tuition. 10 equal installments is the default payment plan.
• Payments are processed regardless of weekday (ie: Saturday, Sunday, Holidays), individual bank policies will determine whether transactions are completed
• $25.00 registration fee is required at registration (Priority Registration exempt)
• If a student withdraws, the studio must be notified in writing before the first of the month. No refunds.
• A cancellation fee of one tuition payment must be paid after January 1st
• Costume payments must be paid in full if a student withdraws after January 1st
• Late payments are subject to an interest charge of 4% per month calculated daily.
• There is a $30.00 charge for failed transactions. If there are two failed transactions in a row, the remainder of the year must be paid in full in cash.
• All outstanding tuition MUST be paid within one week or services will not continue.
• All outstanding accounts MUST be paid in full prior to the next year’s registration.
• NO REFUNDS, in Studio credit only. All credits remain with the Studio, have no cash value and are non-transferable.
• Family discounts – $10 less per tuition payment per household.

Pandemic Policies

Studio Inc. is committed to providing a safe environment for our staff, dancers and families. By agreeing to this policy you are helping promote health and safety in our facility.

I agree:
• To assess the wellness of my child or participant prior to arriving at the Studio.
• To not come to the Studio if my child or participant is feeling unwell or exhibiting symptoms consistent with the currently identified pathogen as described by local public health.
• To allow Studio Inc. to refuse service to anyone suspected of being unwell or having the currently identified pathogen.
• To follow local public health isolation requirements for the currently identified pathogen.
• To allow Studio Inc. to alter the delivery method of its services as required from time to time in accordance with public health recommendations. This may include but not limited to, online classes (live or pre-recorded), schedule modifications and/or class sizes.
• To allow Studio Inc. to limit entry to the facility to registered students and staff only as required from time to time.
• To follow arrival, pickup, sanitation and physical distancing measures that may be in place and/or directed by Studio staff from time to time.
• While every effort will be made to run all scheduled classes, no refunds or make-up classes will be given as a result of missed classes due to illness or isolation requirements of the participant or teacher.
• This policy may be revised as required to meet current public health guidelines.


All students must wear a bodysuit and tights, or a fitted athletic tank and leggings or bike shorts. As a general rule, the top must meet the bottom and the bottom must meet the top. Black bodysuit and Pink tights must be worn for Ballet. 

• Hair must be tied back off face. Bun for Ballet.
• No baggy T-shirts or dangling jewelry.
• Boys: Plain T-shirt and black or navy colored shorts.

Dancers will not be permitted into a class without the appropriate attire and footwear.

See Our Dress Code Page for more details.