Classes & Schedules

Children’s Classes
Studio Inc. offers classes for both recreational and competitive students in the following disciplines: Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Acrobatics, Hip Hop Lyrical, Contemporary, Musical Theatre and Pre Dance.

Please note that Competitive Companies include Tap, Jazz, Ballet and Stretch, and are by invitation only!

Adult Classes

Studio Inc. is not only for children and teens, we also offer classes for adults.

If you always wanted to learn to dance but never had the change or the time, now is the time for you to learn.

Studio 5678 Inc. | Private Lesson Policies and Procedures

Private lessons are a convenient way for a student to develop a specific skill, make up for missed class time, and get specific feedback, training and technique work in a one-on-one class setting.

• All private lessons must be booked through the office.

• All private lessons must be paid for one week in advance.

• ½ hour lesson – $30.00 | ¾ hour lesson – $45.00 | 1 hour lesson – $60.00

• Cash or Cheque made out to Studio Inc.

• All payments must be made through the office, not the teacher.

• Private lesson fees are non-refundable.

• If you know in advance you will miss a lesson, it’s the students responsibility to notify us at 519-752-6678 or by e-mail at 24 hours prior to the scheduled lesson. This is to ensure the teacher can adjust her schedule or use the timeslot for another student.

• If the student does not show up after 15 minutes from the scheduled start time, without any notice, the lesson will be cancelled automatically and will not be made up and no refund will be given.

• Lessons cancelled by the teacher will be made up at a mutually convenient time for both.

• There is a $30.00 charge for NSF cheques.

Lessons are book during the following times: Contact the studio for specific days and times. We will provide you with several options of days and times for the lessons. Once you approve the times, the lessons must be paid for.